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Nov 08

Swinomish Staff

How to CASHZilla

Posted by Swinomish Staff

Check out the complete video below, or learn how to play with our convenient easy-to-read steps!

The first step is to join us daily for entries into CASHzilla! You get one entry each day for just stopping by using your Player's Club card at your favorite game. Every Monday in November from 6pm to 10pm, one lucky winner per hour will have the chance to be CASHzilla and have a shot at $3,000. If you're not already a Player's Club member, stop by our Player's Club desk so you can sign up and start earning those entries! Plus, you get a ton of awesome perks for being a member, and it's free! 

Play CASHZilla this November!

If you're one of the lucky contestants who come up on the Main Stage, located on the main gaming floor by Swinomish Sports Bar & Grill, then here's how you'll play!

1. You get to play an interactive digital game on a tablet to determine how many spaces you move.

Play CASHZilla this November!

2. You get to play a second time to move more spaces.

Play CASHZilla this November!

3. You get to play a third time for your final turn.

Play CASHZilla this November!

4. You move along the board and collect the CASH amount that is marked on your final landing spot.

Play CASHZilla this November!

5. Congrats! You're a CASHzilla