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Mar 02

Katya Slater-Szirom

Team Members Share Daylight Saving Time Stories

Posted by Katya Slater-Szirom

Daylight saving time comes around every year, beckoning us to wind up the clocks one hour. Is it a daylight saver or headache starter? While much of North America and Europe, and parts of the Middle East, observe daylight saving time, Arizona and Hawaii are the two exceptions in the United States that don’t. We asked some Swinomish Casino & Lodge team members from these states what the transition was like for them after moving to “the Evergreen State”!

Gil works at Swinomish Casino & Lodge.

Gil | Facilities and Housekeeping Supervisor

Gil is still getting a little accustomed to daylight saving time. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, he and his family moved to Washington State in 2013 to escape the heat. When daylight saving time returns each year, Gil said his kids make the most of the day and often try to play outside later. All in all, Gil finds the hour shift a bit pointless, since some states don’t observe the holiday, but he appreciates the chance to put away their blackout curtains for a while longer.

Dallas | General Manager

Before moving to Washington State in 2012 with his family, Dallas had spent 20-plus years growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. For Dallas, daylight saving time is a pesky time of the year that affected him while growing up in his hometown. He noticed something when watching football each season. His 10am football games would be delayed one hour, to 11am, and he would be forced to wait for, what felt like, an excruciating hour longer. Now that he’s in Washington State, he appreciates the consistent football schedule!

Mitch works at Swinomish Casino & Lodge.

Mitch | Revenue Auditor

Growing up in Oahu, Hawaii, Mitch recalls her and other locals being confused each year when their clocks mysteriously sped forward an extra hour. In Hawaii, most of the locals aren’t aware daylight saving time, and if they are, they often joke whether they can really get an extra hour out of the day or not. It also affected one of her favorite shows, “Friends.” The schedule would change each year, throwing her off. After having spent the past two years in Washington State, she still doesn’t see much of a benefit to the time change. 

Lydia works at Swinomish Casino & Lodge.

A First-Person Perspective, by Lydia | Promotion Assistant

Having lived in Arizona my whole life, my husband and I had a few shocking surprises when we relocated due to his service in the Navy. The chilly weather was definitely one shock, but the other was daylight saving time.

I was in disbelief when, at 3pm in the afternoon, I was questioning whether or not it was midnight due to how dark it was outside. Additionally, I felt personally victimized by spring, when I was forced to wake up at what felt like a much, much earlier time than normal to return to work. Above all else, I have consequently developed trust issues when looking at clocks. I have come to realize that, because of cell phones having accurate times, this world I never knew outside of Arizona doesn’t bother to adjust their physical clocks when daylight saving time rolls around. This causes me to slightly panic every time I glance at one throughout this special half of the year.

All in all, residing in Arizona means enduring a lot, including living in a harsh desert, but I have learned that I much prefer facing deadly high temperatures there than facing my alarm clock when March comes around each year here.

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