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Lodge Mobile App FAQ

Lodge Mobile App FAQ

Mobile App FAQ


What is the Swinomish Lodging Access mobile app?

  • The Swinomish Lodging Access mobile app allows our guests to check in without stopping by the Lodge Front Desk and avoid any lines!
  • Our mobile key allows you to use your mobile device as the key to your room.
  • Must be 21 years or older to book and check in.

Is there a fee to download the mobile app?

  • No, it’s free!
  • Search for “Swinomish Lodging Access” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download.
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How do I check in with the mobile app?

  •  Download the Swinomish Lodging Access app.
  • First-time users will need to sign up to create and activate an account.
    •  Return users just log in
  • Follow the app’s helpful, user-friendly instructions to locate your reservation.
  • Enter required credit/debit card information and complete ID verification.
  •  Must agree to our Terms of Stay & Privacy Policy.
  • Request check-in.
    • Reservation will only be available in the app if the room is inspected.
    • Reservation will not appear in the app if the room is not ready.
    • Guaranteed check-in is by 4pm.
  • Activate key and check into room by placing the phone screen with the digital key image flush with door lock.

Can I still use the Swinomish Lodging Access mobile app to check in if I booked my reservation through a third-party site (Expedia, Booking.com, etc.)?

  • Yes, the app was designed to allow third-party reservation check-ins.

Do I need to supply a credit or debit card in order to check in through the mobile app? Will my card be authorized? I already provided a card at the time of booking — can’t that be used?

  • A credit or debit card is required for all mobile check-ins. We require this at the Lodge Front Desk as well.
    • Card will be authorized for room, tax, and $25 incidental hold per night.
  • All prepaid reservations will only be authorized $25 incidental hold per night.
  • Any rooms with upgrade fees or package costs will have additional authorization amounts to cover the cost of the add-ons.
  • If you booked your reservation through swinomishcasinoandlodge.com or you called directly into the property at 360.588.3600 or 855.794.6563:
    • The card provided at the time of booking was only to hold and guarantee the reservation.
    •  You’ll still need to provide and enter a payment method through our mobile check-in process, whether you use the same card or not.
      • This is the same requirement for check-in at the front desk.
  • Guests are liable for any and all charges posted to their room(s). Guests are further liable for all damages to the room(s) caused by themselves or their guests/invitees during their stay.
    • Fees will be charged against card on file based on findings.
  • Additional authorizations will be applied to the card on file for chargebacks that exceed the initial incidental hold per night to ensure payment is secured for services rendered.
  • All incidentals will be released as long as there are no chargebacks or damages.
  • Authorization releases can take up to 7-10 business days based on your bank’s merchant policies.

Do I need to supply my ID in order to check in through the mobile app? What is done with my identification?

  • Yes, we require all guests to complete ID verification in person and through the app for every reservation.
  • Identification information will transfer over to the reservation and be validated by Lodge agents.
    • Identification must be valid, clear, and match reservation details.
    • Acceptable identification is a driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport.
  • Lodge agents will contact guests if there are any issues or discrepancies with the registered ID provided.
    • Mobile key may be deactivated based on management discretion.

Why am I required to take a self-photo through the mobile app? What is done with this?

  • Self-photo is transferred into the reservation and is a second verification step to ensure that:
    • The person who uploaded their ID is the person who is registered to the room and reservation details match up.
    • This is a safety and security measure since you do not check in directly with an agent in person.
    • Photo must be clear, legible, and current.
      • No self-photos of another picture.
  • Lodge agents will contact the guest if there are any issues or discrepancies with registered self-photo provided.
    • Mobile key may be deactivated based on management discretion.

What if I wanted to be near an elevator or on a high floor, but the room I was checked into does not have those features?

  • The Lodge recommends at the time of booking – whether over the phone with an agent or on a third-party booking engine – to always tell the agent of your preferences or list your special requests in the notes.
    • It’s important to note the Lodge Front Desk will always try to meet our guests’ preferences or requests, but these are never guaranteed and are subject to availability.
  • If you’ve accessed your room, call the front desk and see if there is anything that can be done to meet your preferences.

What if I checked in with the front desk and received key cards, but now I want to use the mobile app key feature?

  • The mobile key check-in feature will not be available since key cards were already issued in person.
    • Just remember to use mobile check-in first next time!

I followed the mobile app prompts in order to check in. Why is it prompting me to visit the Lodge Front Desk?

  • Your room may not be ready.
  • There could be a discrepancy with your reservation.
  • The Lodge Front Desk may need more information from you.

I checked in with the mobile app and I’m still waiting for the notification to tell me if my room is ready. What should I do?

  • Our guaranteed check-in time is 4pm. If you arrive early and your room is not available, the Lodge Front Desk would be happy to store your luggage in the bellman’s closet and contact you when the room is ready.
  • While you wait, explore our delicious dining options and exciting selection of slot machines, table games, and our EZ Keno kiosk!

How do I obtain other keys for other guests staying in the same room with me?

  • The digital mobile key is only issued to the primary registered guest of the room at this point in time. Please stop by the Lodge Front Desk for additional key cards.
    • Be sure to have your identification on you in order for our agents to discuss any details of your reservation.
  • If any of the key card(s) are lost or stolen during your stay, let the front desk know as soon as possible.
    • New key cards will be issued, but this will deactivate the mobile key on your phone, and you’ll have to use a key card throughout the remainder of your stay.

What if I lost my mobile phone?

  • Please notify the Lodge Front Desk and have identification with you. We can deactivate your mobile key at any time.
    • We will issue you a key card for the duration of your stay.
    • Remember most people have passcodes on their phones which is another beneficial security feature when utilizing a mobile key.
  • The Lodge Front Desk will also contact security to see if anything has been turned into the lost and found.

I completed my check-in, placed my things in my room, and headed out for the rest of the day. I’ve returned and need to get into my room. How do I bring my digital mobile key back up?

  • Easy! Simply open the Swinomish Lodging Access app on your phone, select Mobile Check-In/Key, and the reservation that you’re registered to will be brought up. You can then select and activate your key.

Does my digital mobile key work for any other room or space?

  • Your mobile key allows access to ONLY the room you were assigned and registered to.
    • It will not allow you to access anyone else’s room.
  • All mobile keys will grant you access into the Lodge Fitness Center.
  • No other space is available for access with mobile app.

What if I check out early?

  • Stop by the front desk or call from your room in order for us to assist you.

Do I have to utilize the mobile check-in app or can I check in with the front desk?

  • No, you do not. You’re always welcome to check-in with a Lodge Front Desk agent. We’re happy to help!

What if I still don’t understand this new digital mobile key feature and need help with everything?

  • No problem – the Lodge Front Desk is here to help! We can assist you with everything and show you step-by-step what to do!