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Robert Thomas

Administrative Office Manager

Favorite Quote

“I only have a minute with 60 seconds in it. I must strive to use it, but dare not waste or abuse it — I only have a minute with 60 seconds in it.”

Robert puts his passion toward helping others in his current role as an administrative offer manager. After being stationed at the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island for 10 years, he retired from the Navy and started working for Swinomish Casino & Lodge. He loves his job, because it gives him the opportunity to help others and give back to them using everything he’s learned throughout life. Robert is from Opelousas, Louisiana, a small town that sits between the capitol city of Baton Rouge and Lafayette. A devoted Christian, he enjoys creating precious memories with family and friends at gatherings and events. During his free time, you might find him bowling, watching movies or spending time working on challenging projects at home. Around Robert’s home, he’s considered the “Thomas household handyman.” Raising his five children is his proudest accomplishment. In his everyday life, Robert values hard work, dedication, trust, respect, loyalty, honesty, integrity and team spirit. Robert’s morals have been passed down from generation to generation in his family, and the most important lesson he learned while growing up was to always take care of your family through thick and thin. He also learned to teach his children how to better themselves individually and face the challenges on their own life journeys. He believes that these values are important not only at home, but in everything you do.