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13moons Wine of the Month

There’s nothing better than a good bottle of wine … except for two bottles of wine! That’s why we’re featuring two wines each month! Purchase a bottle and receive $10 off the featured wine of the month.

January Wine of the Month
February Wine of the Month


Sip the winter blues away with the DB Family Selection Chardonnay! Plucked from Australian vineyards and matured to buttery perfection, this medium-bodied white nearly bursts out of the bottle with delicious flavor. Bright peach and melon notes dance across the palate, with a tinge of oak emerging in the crisp finish. Whether paired with our White Truffle Sea Scallops or enjoyed alone, this balanced white is one for the ages.

Get a taste of heaven with a bottle of St Josef’s Pinot Noir! Deep ruby in color, this wine is as rich and elegant as the rare jewel itself. Alluring overtones of cherry, blackberry, pepper, and spice tickle the tastebuds, balanced by gentle touches of tobacco and oak. A velvety soft finish lingers, leaving you eager for another sip. While delicious with any dish, this red pairs exceptionally well with our Marsala Mushroom Pork Chop.

Receive $10 off a bottle of either wine this month at 13moons!

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Add some sparkle to your evening with the Villa Maria “Bubbly” Sauvignon Blanc! This refreshing wine captures the spirit of classic New Zealand sauvignon blanc and elevates it with light bubbles. Ripe melon and fresh lime aromas burst from the bottle and captivate the senses. Vibrant fruit flavors emerge and dance across the tastebuds, the delicate bubbles enhancing every sip. Perfect for a celebration or an average Thursday night, this effervescent wine pairs splendidly with our Wild Sockeye Salmon!

If you love fruity reds, get ready to fall for the Seven Falls Cellars Zinfandel! Plucked from a single vineyard in Paterson, Washington, this bold red packs a punch. Concentrated aromas of chocolate and black raspberries waft through the air upon pouring, with rousing hints of nutmeg and baking spices exciting the nose. Jammy flavors and notes of dulce de leche emerge on the palate. The long finish allows you to savor every drop of this luscious zinfandel. Try this flavorful red with our Marsala Mushroom Pork Chop!

Receive $10 off a bottle of either wine this February at 13moons!

*While supplies last*


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