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EZ KENO® Kiosk

EZ KENO® is the world’s only self-service kiosk that offers a broad library of unique and exciting keno games in addition to standard keno play. With the EZ KENO® Kiosk, you can purchase and redeem keno tickets through an easy-to-use self-service touchscreen. Select your favorite game and take advantage of player-favorite features including quick picks, side bets, and much more – all through an easy non-intimidating experience that allows even the keno novice to quickly learn the game and all the fun features!

EZ KENO® is designed with numerous innovative features for players, including:

  • Various quick-pick betting options
  • Additional side-bet games
  • Standard and way tickets with customizable bet amounts
  • Tickets with multiple patterns such as top/bottom
  • Flexible betting options such as multi-race tickets and future games
  • Capable of replaying and recalling tickets
  • Simultaneous pay/replay options for all tickets