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Ben Appétit- October’s Burger of the Month

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Me again, ever the gourmand. It’s a real word, look it up.

The new burger of the month is almost past us, but I wanted to get in and devour one before the opportunity passed me by. I kept smelling something sweet and tangy from the plates around me, each one bearing a large burger in various states of consumption. So when Chef Corey brought me the Bourbon Bacon Burger, I was understandably excited. I love smoke in my food, it triggers an amazing transformation in the way tastes mingle. It creates complexity, and this burger did not disappoint. The toasted bun, and those fresh vegetables were light and refreshing; the patty was juicy, and the bacon was crispy. That should have been good enough, right? C’mon, it’s BACON, as long as you don’t burn it you’ve basically got a passing grade. Everyone loves bacon. On top of the rich cheddar was this sweet, smoky bourbon sauce- oh wow, it was amazing.


Salt and sugar are both very important chemicals for maintaining health in your body. Salt is what enables your body to store water most effectively and  helps with the body’s ability to regulate temperature. Sugar neutralizes adrenaline build-up in the body, which stimulates pleasure centers in the brain, while at the same time decreasing stress. When taken together, they metabolize, help boost your body’s energy production and stabilize natural biorhythms- bodily cycles that help regulate memory, coordination, and more.

Okay, enough science, let’s get back to the salivating.

The burger was a masterpiece. The patty was juicy. The cheese was buttery. The caramelized onions were like candy. That bourbon sauce . . . wow, just wow. I wish I could have gotten some of it to dip the burger in as I ate my way through. The whole affair was a wonderful dining experience and I encourage all the burger lovers out there to get in and get one before the month’s end. For now, I’m going to go lick the last of the sauce off my fingers. I hope to see you all next month, until then, Bon Appétit, and remember; don’t be afraid to get in there with both hands. Food is meant to be enjoyed.