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Mar 27

Swinomish Staff

Million Waves Bingo Party

Posted by Swinomish Staff

Each year, 28 billion pounds of plastic ends up in our ocean. What are you doing about it? Join us on April 6 for our Million Waves Bingo Party to help make a difference!

All net proceeds go to the Million Waves Project, an Anacortes-based nonprofit that takes plastic cleaned from the ocean and turns it into 3D printed prosthetic limbs. 

Start a cleanup at a beach to help recycle plastic!

The organization uses an app to connect with people who are in need of a prothetic arm, hand, or finger. For approximately $45, the Million Waves Project can source, print and deliver a prosthetic.

Million Waves Project provides 3D-printed prosthetic limbs to adults and children.

Tickets to the event cost just $15 and include 10 bingo games as well as entry into game shows to win some awesome prizes! Everyone who plays will have the chance to win Disneyland passes, Lodge stays, Promo Play, and more. You can also purchase extra bingo cards for more chances to win and help support the Million Waves Project.

Join us April 6 for our Million Waves Bingo Party.

We hope to see you there!