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Nov 28

Katya Slater-Szirom

Swin Smarts Trivia: Holiday Fun

Posted by Katya Slater-Szirom

Check out the latest episiode of Swin Smarts Trivia! Andie heads to the floor to ask guests holiday-inspired trivia!




Question 1: Which flower is sold the most in December?


A. Rose


B. Poinsettia


C. Pear Tree


D. Christmas Tree



Question 2: What is the first day of Winter called?


A. Cold


B. Winter Equinox


C. Winter Solstice



Question 3: Which year did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" first air on TV?


A. 1965


B. 1972


C. 1958


D. 1969



Question 4: Which company came up with Santa Clause's red suit?


A. Pespi


B. Coca Cola


C. Mercedes Benz


D. Joann Fabrics



Question 5: According to a U.K. survey, December is the month where couples _____ the most?


A. Eat


B. Make love


C. Fight