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Digital Games Deliver Offers Directly to Swinomish Guests

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If you are a member of our Player’s Club, chances are that you have played one of our many digital games at SwinBig.com. Through these themed games, you have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, including dining discounts, bonus points, Slot Play, Promo Play, and more!

These games are made possible by a software company named OfferCraft. With OfferCraft by our side, we have been able to share these offers with more guests than ever. More than 10,000 people have played and received offers, all through a medium that makes it fun and easy to participate! These games are housed on SwinBig.com with ever-changing themes to celebrate different events, holidays, sports, etc. The digital games are often streamed LIVE on the Swinomish Casino & Lodge Facebook page, so you can get a preview before you play!

Since we started working with OfferCraft in January of 2016, we have released over 130 gaming campaigns for our followers. Hundreds of guests have come in to redeem their offers. With our latest Swinomish Outdoor Movies campaigns, redemption rates have risen to 40%, an all-time high! We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with OfferCraft to keep growing and giving out fun offers to all of our valuable guests.

Be one of the first to be notified when a new game is released by signing up for our E-Club or liking us on Facebook! To celebrate “Talk Like A Pirate” Day, check out our newest game, Buried Treasure, available on SwinBig.com from September 19-21! Learn more about our partnership with OfferCraft HERE.