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DIY Halloween Costume – Pineapple

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DIY Pineapple Costume Tutorial - Supplies

Yellow T-Shirt: $1.50 (Michaels)
Fabric Glue: $7.99 (Michaels)
Black Felt: $1.99 (Michaels)
Plastic Headband: $2.99 (Fred Meyer)
Green Tape: $1.99 (Fred Meyer)
From Home:
Green Construction Paper
Empty Toilet Paper Roll
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Total: $16.46


Cut the black felt into wide arrow-like shapes. Arrange the pieces onto the shirt until you are happy with the layout, then begin gluing down the felt one-by-one with fabric glue.

Step 2: Cover Headband

Cover your plastic headband with the green tape.

Step 3: Pineapple Leaves

Cut your green construction paper into the shape of pineapple leaves. You’ll need about 10 of these.

Step 4: Hot Glue Leaves

Hot glue your leaves to the toilet paper roll. Stagger the leaves on the toilet paper roll for that perfect pineapple look.

Step 5: Curl the Leaves

Use a pen to curl the ends of the pineapple leaves.

Step 6: Cut Excess

Use a pen to curl the ends of the pineapple leaves.

Step 7: Green Circle

Hot glue a circle of the green construction paper to the bottom of the roll.

Step 8: Attach

Hot glue that circle to the top of the headband.

Step 9: Pair with a pineapple!

Pair with black jeans or leggings, tennis shoes, and a pineapple!

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