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Golf Student Q&A: Meet Shelly

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We sat down with Shelly at Swinomish Golf Links before one of her golf lessons, and she shared why she took up golfing. Check out what Shelly had to say below!

Name: Shelly

Hometown: Anacortes, WA

Height: 5’

What’s your favorite club?

It’s my 8 iron. Whenever I’m not feeling secure, I’m like, “Where’s my 8 iron?” I know it’s my best friend (laughs).

Had you played golf before taking lessons?

Putt putt golf (laughs). Didn’t have a clue about golf. I never thought golf was something I’d get into.

What inspired you to start playing golf again?

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play golf, because we just needed something to do when we were hanging out together. So I took a couple of lessons early on and made it through that summer. Then, next summer, I had no idea what I was doing. Everything I had learned was gone. By that time, Jose was here, so I signed up for lessons with Jose. I’ve been taking lessons ever since!

What have you improved on the most?

Posture. I had no idea how important posture was when I first started. I was all about just hitting the ball, but now I understand it’s a lot more than just hitting the ball. It’s the posture you’re in that makes the ball go where you want it to.

How do practice outside of lessons?

Lots and lots of lessons, and lots and lots of practice. It wasn’t just a game that I could walk out here and go, “Oh! That’s how you do it,” and then get up and go. I’ve spent a lot of hours at the driving range. I was never a sporty person. I like to just jump off the cliff and go.

What’s your strongest golf skill?

Missing the hole (laughs). I don’t have an answer for that. It’s different every time I play.

Do you have any long-term goals?

Well, I really like it when the ball goes where I expect it to go, but mostly I just don’t want to suck when I’m out playing with my friends. There’s no competition. We honestly don’t even keep score. It’s just for fun. If you hit par, you’re pretty excited (laughs).

What do you enjoy most about the sport?

Being outdoors. Golf is a way to be outside.

Is there anything about golf that surprised you?
How mental golf is. How aware and on top of everything you have to be. Being focused on what you’re trying to accomplish. You know, where’s your target, where’s your ball. Just paying attention to that and not getting distracted.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about playing golf?

First thing I would say is to take lessons. Don’t just think you can go out there and play. Practice, practice practice. And don’t be intimidated by the game and people who have been playing for years because everybody has good days and bad days, and most of the time people are going to be better that you. But just don’t be intimidated by it. Just go do it. Have fun!

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