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Halloween Happenings

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Here at the Swinomish Casino & Lodge, we’re challenging you to celebrate with us in your scariest, over-the-top or creative Halloween costume! We’re giving our guests a chance to vote for their favorite costume, and we’ll give the first place winner $1,000. Don’t be discouraged. We’re giving cash prizes to second, third and fourth place as well!

Some Freighting News

I read the recent news on major Halloween makeup manufacturers selling products — made in China — that contain harmful chemicals such as lead, cobalt and nickel. To read an article on this topic, visit CBS New York.

Even in small doses, could smearing lead paint on your face still be harmful? According to the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR), lead exposure has been linked to “many subtle health effects,” even in small doses. For more information, visit here.

Quest to Find USA-Made Halloween Makeup

In a desperate quest to find more reliable and safe Halloween makeup, I searched the internet and contacted some manufacturers just for you. Here are a few Halloween makeup manufacturers whose products are made in the USA:

Mehron — Great resource for special effects newbies!

With company roots since 1927, this global company manufacturers its products in New York. They sell quality theatrical and Halloween makeup in a customer-friendly way. Want the perfect realistic makeup for Calise from Game of Thrones or Jack the Ripper? No problem. The website offers easy-to-follow instructions with pictures for a wide variety of characters. Each step-by-step also includes a list of suggested products available on their website: http://www.mehron.com/default.asp


Offering fake blood, latex, paint and more, this company has been around since 1978 and is based out of New York and Wisconsin. They even offer a Moulage Training DVD on how to create gorily realistic skin effects. Products are available online here: http://www.graftobian.com/

Ben Nye — Products available locally in-store at PNTA

The family who founded Ben Nye has more 50 years’ experience in Hollywood makeup. They offer foundations, fake blood, a vampire character makeup kit, other character kits and much more. Most of Ben Nye’s products are manufactured in Los Angeles, Cali. You can purchase Ben Nye products locally in Seattle at PNTA, a theatrical supplies store.

2414 S.W. Andover St.
Bldg. C100
Seattle, WA 98106
Phone: (206) 622-7850

Tip: When searching for quality and safe Halloween makeup, try using theatrical makeup. Theatrical makeup is made to last for longer periods of time and have brighter, more vibrant color.