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Holiday Cheer with Elvis

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This holiday season, bring your family to Danny Vernon’s An Elvis Family Christmas, where you’ll be transported to a winter wonderland filled with laughter, singing and holiday cheer! Danny Vernon’s uncanny resemblance to the king will have the whole family dancing and singing along.

Elvis Presley broke musical, racial and cultural barriers. During the ‘50s, media, concerned parents and other influential musicians at the time even blamed Elvis’ music for destroying youth morale. Despite this, Elvis became “the king of rock and roll.” He drove women crazy and made men jealous, with many young men at the time mimicking his slicked back hair and sideburns. Elvis’ melodic mixture of blues, country, and rock and roll, combined with his passionate dancing, risqué clothing style and charming personality, quickly raised him to international status.

Elvis produced more than 75 gold albums, 50 platinum albums and 100 singles during his career. His holiday album, Elvis’ Christmas Album, was released in 1957 and remains one of his best-selling records to date.  Only second to his single top-selling album, Moody Blue, Elvis’ Christmas Album has sold more than 4 million copies. Some of his hit songs from the album include “White Christmas,” “Silent Night” and “Santa Bring My Baby Back.”

Revisit the years of Elvis and attend Danny Vernon’s Elvis Family Christmas on Sunday, December 18 at 1pm and 6pm. Danny Vernon captures Elvis’ characteristic charm, style, voice and energy. Admission includes a non-alcoholic beverage and cookies. For more details, visit our event calendar.


Visit Danny Vernon’s website for more information on the act.