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Loving, Caring and Sharing: Didgwalic Wellness Center

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didgwalic Wellness Center

Loving, Caring & Sharing: Patrick’s Story

This is the story of Patrick Janicki, told by his mother, Lisa. Lisa wants to raise awareness that opoid addiction can happen to anyone, and we all need to be there to help. She wants to make sure that what happened to her son doesn’t happen to other people in the community. Lisa is starting the conversation, will you add in? Watch along and hear Patrick’s story.

The didgwalic Wellness Center was founded by the Swinomish Tribe to put an end to opoid addiction. Built on native reservation land, they founded this treatment center with goals to give love to those who enter, care for each person on an individual level and share the treatments with the entire community. Anyone may receive treatment here. There is hope for the future, and it starts here.

If you or someone you know needs treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out. To be seen at didgwalic, please call (360)588-2800.