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Moana-Inspired Tasty Treats

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We found some delicious Moana-inspired desserts and drinks. Check out all of the recipes below, and make sure to join us on August 20 for the Swinomish Movies showing of Moana!

Heart of Te Fiti Cookies

In Moana, the Heart of Te Fiti is an ancient gem that Moana and Maui must return to the island of Te Fiti. Now, you can make a tasty version of this precious gem at home. For the recipe, visit Paging Supermom’s website.

Moana Ocean Cake

For those who want to dive into a creative, yet time consuming, cake project, this Moana cake is a must-do recipe! This cake is a piece of art. The recipe even shows you how to make handmade cake accents using fondant. Learn to make this cake, from scratch, by visinting Cake Step by Step on YouTube.

Moana Cupcakes

These Moana cupcakes are adorable! These cupcakes would be a hit at any Disney or Moana party, and they are fairly simple to make. This recipe uses cake mix for a base and incorporates cute, handmade flower-shaped cupcake toppers. Find the full recipe at Cupcake Diaries’ blog.

White Chocolate Covered Oreos
For a Moana twist on a classic cookie, try this white chocolate covered Oreos recipe. All you need are white chocolate melts, Oreos and icing gel to make the swirly design. The design is inspired by the artwork that’s found on Moana’s boat in the movie. Check out the whole recipe at Pixie Dust Saving’s blog.

Moana Fruit Punch

For a festive Moana-themed drink, try this fruity punch. It’s made with ginger ale, juice and a little blue sugar for a burst of color. For the complete recipe, visit Horseshoes & Hand Grenade’s blog.

Enjoying some adult beverages? Play this drinking game while watching Moana, and drink when you hear someone say “ocean,” when you see the Heart of Te Feti, or when you see Hei Hei try to eat something that’s not food. For more rules and other drinking games, check out DrinkWhen.ca.