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Moon of the Blackberry – 13moons

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Moon of the Blackberry

Many berries are now ripe, including blackberries. Berries are picked and eaten fresh or dried for winter use. Around this time, and sometimes earlier, the sap in cedar trees stops running, signaling the time to harvest cedar bark. Cedar bark has many uses, such as providing materials for shelter, clothing, tools, and transportation. Some examples of cedar items are bentwood boxes, ropes, and hats. Also during this time, sockeye salmon fishing reaches its peak. Every second year during this moon, humpback salmon—also called humpies or pink salmon—start running at the end of this moon and into the next two moons. Humpies are captured in pounds and weirs with scoop nets. Humpies are then smoked hard. Shellfish harvesting and curing continues.

13moons Restaurant

Join us on the 13moons patio for our new Sunset Happy Hour, running daily from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Cuddle up with someone special—blankets provided—and enjoy a beautiful Pacific Northwest sunset overlooking Padilla Bay and Mount Baker. Also, try our new $5 signature cocktail, The Sunset Paradise. The combination of only Malibu rum, blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and grenadine creates a decadent sunset in your glass and is perfect for a relaxing night on the patio. The Sunset Paradise cocktail is only available during the Sunset Happy Hour.

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