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Moon of the Salmonberry

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During this moon, fruits such as salmonberry and red huckleberry are ripening and ready to harvest. Ripe salmonberries signal the start of many salmon runs during this moon, including summer Chinook and sockeye salmon. Salmon are caught using wires and reef nets made from willow and cedar branches. Sockeye salmon, also called reds, are valued for their fat and flavor. This moon also signals extremely low daytime tides, allowing access to scallops, geoduck clams, and giant red sea urchins as well as many other shellfish. Shellfish harvest and curing continues.

13moons Restaurant

The clouds have cleared, and the sun is shining bright. Where’s the best place to enjoy a warm evening, panoramic views, and a perfectly grilled Chinook salmon paired with a full-bodied Chardonnay? On our outdoor patio! Take in beautiful views of Padilla Bay and the surrounding sound shadowed by Mt. Baker in the distance. Watch charters enter and exit the channel, all while getting warm by the outdoor fireplace. Expected to be open through late September, our patio provides an atmosphere second to none. Seating is limited, so reservations are encouraged!

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