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Moon of the Windy Time

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Moon of the Windy Time

In the bays, you’ll find sea-run cutthroat trout and steelhead being fished during the winter moons; ducks, geese, elk and deer are hunted; and tools and baskets are constructed. Ironwood is harvested from the shrub oceanspray and used for making tools, including fish spears, cooking sticks, and long knitting needles for sewing cattail sleeping mats.

It’s easy to get cabin fever during the winter months. The Pacific Northwest’s howling winds and sideways rain keeps many people from venturing outside. The 13moons lounge provides sanctuary from the continuously changing weather. Starting at 4pm, warm up and relax with a few items from our Happy Hour menu. Start with a Manila Clam Chowder and accompany it with a Moscow Mule or a Derby Winner. Our full dinner menu is also available at 4pm, for those looking to turn their night into an evening. Happy Hour runs from 4-6pm daily.

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