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Moon When Frog Talks at 13moons

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Moon When Frog Talks

Herring and smelt signal the coming of spring and are prepared in many ways—whole herring are threaded onto green twigs and dried, herring oil is collected for seasoning food, and roe is also eaten. During this moon and through the next two moons, halibut fishing begins. The seas are still rough, so activities are focused on hunting elk and deer.

The roots of Sitka spruce, red cedar, and Oregon grape are collected for the inner bark, which is split and bundled for making and dyeing baskets. Edible plants are also collected— the bark of serviceberry, giant horsetail shoots, and tiger lily bulbs are dug up and eaten raw or boiled.

With halibut season comes new specials in 13moons. Once the season begins, Expected to begin the second or third week in March, 13moons will begin featuring halibut duo plates along with other preparations. Expect to see savory listings such as Filet Mignon and Halibut, Crab Crusted Halibut, Garlic Spot Prawns and Halibut, among many other dining options. Halibut season is expected to run through mid-November, but supply will be limited at the beginning so please check with your server about availability.

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