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New Delish Dishes at 13moons

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Dark Chocolate Crème Brulee

Each bite of this crème brulee is rich, velvety, chocolatey goodness. Made with dark chocolate custard, it’s topped with a caramelized layer of sugar and a dollop of whipped cream. A piece of chocolate bark completes this decadent dessert.

Hot Bananas with Coconut Rum

Get ready for a tantalizing mix of coconut milk, spiced rum and sautéed bananas, all topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. The natural sweetness of the bananas combines with rum and coconut milk to create a faux caramel sauce that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Triple Berry Cheesecake

Dive into this divine dessert next time you’re at 13moons. Lined with a honey graham crust, the cheesecake is infused with sweetened vanilla cream cheese to give it that extra taste of heaven. The cheesecake is paired with our housemade berry compote, made with the Pacific Northwest’s finest berries.

White Chocolate Mousse with Brandy Cherries

For a taste of heaven, look no further. White chocolate and whipped cream is blended to perfection. The delicate, sweet flavor of the mousse is surrounded by brandy cherries and topped with shaved dark chocolate, giving it an extra kick of flavor you won’t want to miss.

Black and Blue Steak Salad

This is a super salad with serious flavors. A 4oz blackened filet mignon, seared to tender perfection, tops a bed of arugula, quinoa, blueberries, candied pecans and grilled peaches. Tossed with buttermilk blue cheese and drizzled with our housemade pomegranate vinaigrette, this is one salad that will leave you satisfied, yet wanting more.