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New Enrollment and Promotional Kiosks!

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Back in February, we launched our exciting new Enrollment Kiosks and Promotional Kiosks! These kiosks make it easier than ever before to enjoy everything Swinomish Casino & Lodge has to offer.

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Haven’t joined our Signature Rewards program yet? Sign up on one of our Enrollment Kiosks! We currently have two Enrollment Kiosks on the floor. One is located across from Signature Services, and the other is located in the alcove beneath the Signature Rewards sign. Signing up on an Enrollment Kiosk is a breeze! Just bring a valid form of photo ID and insert it into the designated slot. You’ll be able to set up your account and receive your brand new Signature Rewards card at the kiosk! If you ever lose your card, you can also reprint your card at the kiosk.

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Signature Rewards members can take advantage of our new Promotional Kiosks! With these kiosks, you’ll be able to see all the relevant promotions and exciting events at Swinomish Casino & Lodge. There are five Promotional Kiosks: two in the alcove beneath the Signature Rewards sign, one near the Signature Welcome Center, one across from Signature Services, and one by Swinomish Sports Bar & Grill. To access information on the kiosks, simply walk up to the machine, swipe your card, and you’re in!

Promotional Kiosk

These kiosks put all the information about how to make the most of your visit right at your fingertips. Keep up with all the exciting events at Swinomish Casino & Lodge and explore our Events Calendar! Wondering how close you are to reaching the next tier? You can look at your tier level and points on the kiosk. Check out your offers on the kiosk and make sure you’re not missing out on Promo Play and Dining Offers! Want to know if you qualify for our monthly giveaway? View your eligibility on the kiosk! Plus, you’ll be able to play promotional games on the kiosk!

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Stop by Swinomish Casino & Lodge and try out these exciting new kiosks today!