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Our Koi

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Here at Swinomish Casino & Lodge, we’re committed to providing top-notch care to all living creatures, including the colorful koi swimming around the pond in our Food Court! We have 12 koi of various ages and sizes. Many of these fish have called our pond home for over 10 years, but a few new additions have splashed their way into the water, including a baby koi! Our koi pond provides an aura of serenity and peace to the area for guests, and we take care to ensure that the fish continue to prosper here.

Half of our 1,200-gallon pond is exposed so that everyone can admire the koi and the waterfall. The other half is beneath the walkway, giving the koi respite from bright lights and human activity. Koi require intense, short bursts of rest instead of extended hours of sleep to stay healthy, and this secluded section is the perfect place to relax. The waterfall also helps the fish thrive by providing a natural form of aeration, allowing oxygen to distribute throughout and dilute impurities.

We keep the pond clean with a 24/7 filtration system and monthly cleanings. We routinely test the water quality with liquid test kits and test strips to detect ammonia, nitrites, phosphates, pH, and more. Plus, we recently introduced live plants into the pond! These plants increase oxygen production, reduce algae, help maintain consistent water temperature, and create a natural ecosystem for absorbing nutrients and carbon dioxide. They also provide an additional food source and natural shelter for the fish.

Our commitment to care for the koi doesn’t stop with a pristine environment. Our koi receive top-tier food sourced from three suppliers to ensure they receive the most nutritious food possible. They regularly indulge in krill, fish meal, and shrimp-based floating pellets, all made in the USA! Their diet is rich in top-quality protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids with color enhancements, spirulina, and probiotics to protect their skin and promote optimum health care. This goes well beyond the over-the-counter, commercial-grade food you find at the pet store — this is the food used by many koi breeders to ensure the fish stay happy and healthy!

You also play a pivotal role in ensuring that our koi can keep swimming for years to come! While feeding the fish a French fry or bread may seem harmless and cute, it is actually quite dangerous. Food like this is not part of their diet and can harm their health over time. It also pollutes the water. Similarly, tossing a coin into the pool might seem fun, but it only contaminates the water and makes the fish sick. Koi are highly sensitive to copper in coins. It impacts their blood cells and increases mucus production in the gills, making it hard to breathe and absorb oxygen. It can even kill the koi.

Help us ensure the care and longevity of our koi by not throwing coins, food, or any other objects into the pond. It is extremely harmful and toxic to the koi and threatens their overall well-being.