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Swin Smarts Trivia: Food Edition

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Question 1: On average, how many hamburgers do Americans consume in a year?

A. 100 million

B. 50 billion

C. 1 trillion

D. 500 million


Question 2: Which country created the hamburger?

A. Germany

B. The United States

C. England

D. Russia


Question 3: Which condiment was used for medial purposes in the 1830’s?

A. Mustard

B. Mayonaise

C. Ketchup

D. Dill relish


Question 4: Which grain is said to be the staple food of more than one-third of the worlds population?

A. Rice

B. Wheat

C. Barley

D. Couscous


Question 5: Where was the fortune cookie created?

A. China

B. Malaysia

C. United States

D. Tibet