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Swin Smarts Trivia: Thanksgiving Edition

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Andie is back with another episode of Swin Smarts Trivia! Do you have what it takes to tackle our Thanksgiving Trivia?

Question 1: Which soup company created the Green Bean Casserole?

A: Campbell’s

B: Progresso


Question 2: When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

A: The second Monday in October

B:  The first Thursday in November

C: The first Monday in October

D: The third Thursday in November


Question 3: When did the Pilgrims arrive in North America?

A: 1620

B: 1842

C: 1500

D: 1726


Question 4: Where did the pilgrims first settle in North America?

A: Plymouth Rock

B: Boston

C: Florida

D: Maine


Question 5: Which NFL teams host an annual game on Thanksgiving day?

A: Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys

B: Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders

C: LA Chargers and New York Giants

D: Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons


Question 6: Where is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Held?

A: New York

B: Seattle

C: Los Angeles

D: Cleveland