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Swinomish Play-By-Play: Win a Pop-A-Shot Edition

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On Monday, April 3, the final showdown for our Win a Pop-A-Shot tournament took place in 10 Sports Bar. Seven of our top scorers from the Basketball Master game on SwinBig.com competed to earn bragging rights, cash, and their very own Pop-A-Shot game.

Game 1: Wendy vs. Vicki

Our first pairing was between our 3rd and 8th top scorers of Basketball Master. The first two to attempt the Pop-A-Shot, Wendy and Vicki, were going in blind. The other players watched intently as they learned the intricacies of the game. They both made their fans proud as they battled it out with great sportsmanship. In the end, Wendy came out on top and moved on to Game 4.

Final Score: Wendy 23, Vicki 16

Game 2: Ryan vs. Charles

This matchup between our 5th and 12th top scorers was a close one. From the moment the referee blew the whistle, it was obvious that both Ryan and Charles had played Pop-A-Shot before. They both had an advantage that only the other one could match. It was an intense 30 seconds that ended with Ryan as the victor. He continued on to Game 5.

Final Score: Ryan 20, Charles 12

Charles (left) and Ryan (right) battle it out

Game 3: Katy vs. Gary

Our 7th top scorer, Katy, and the 10th, Gary, finished off the first round of the bracket with an impressive match. Katy blew the competition out of the water with her secret strategy and moved on to Game 5. In Game 4, Katy earned the most points of any game in this tournament.

Final Score: Katy 39, Gary 13

Katy celebrates her win

Game 4: Scott vs. Wendy

Our top Basketball Master scorer, Scott, faced off against our Game 1 winner, Wendy, in this nail-biter. Wendy used her competitive edge to try to outscore Scott, but he was too quick. Scott’s shots were fast and accurate, so he took the win and advanced to the final game.

Final Score: Scott 19, Wendy 15

Game 5: Ryan vs. Katy

As the winners of Game 2 and Game 3, both Ryan and Katy were hyped up and confident in their abilities to take each other out of the running. Katy pulled ahead in the last few seconds, and earned her spot in the final game. Though he lost this game, Ryan still placed 3rd overall and took home $100!

Final Score: Ryan 16, Katy 24

3rd Place winner Ryan

Game 6 (FINAL): Scott vs. Katy

Before the final game started, Scott and Katy readied themselves for their biggest challenge yet. It was a toss-up; anyone could win. Scott started off strong, making basket after basket. Then, Katy came from behind and sank shot after shot. As the clock counted down, Katy gained more momentum, and then it was all over for Scott. Katy was the champion! She won $250 and her own Pop-A-Shot game. Scott won 2nd place and received $150 for giving it his best!

Final Score: Scott 12, Katy 26

2nd Place winner Scott

Congratulations to Katy on her big win! Despite their valiant efforts, none of our players beat the world record of 139 baskets in one minute, but check out the Guinness record holder and his strategy:

Source: rooksjay

Leave a comment below to let us know if you would like us to hold this event next year for March Madness or if you have any suggestions for promotions you would like to see at Swinomish Casino & Lodge!