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Swinterns At Swinomish Casino & Lodge

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When we started looking for part-time employment during my time at Western Washington University, we needed something flexible and relevant to what we were studying. The marketing department at Swinomish Casino & Lodge understands the struggle of balancing work, school, and life. Our managers were more than willing to work around our class schedules so that we could spend mornings at school and afternoons in the office.

We had chosen to study marketing and communications, but where would we specialize? This internship with Swinomish Casino & Lodge has allowed us to experiment with many aspects of digital and traditional marketing. While searching for internships, we both realized many others would limit us to the same few tasks each day, while this one allows us to explore our interests and always keeps things interesting. We have been able to fly drones, assist in video production, create social media content, write analytic reports, and lots more!

One of the best parts about working at Swinomish Casino & Lodge is the atmosphere. Although there are over 500 employees working here, everyone feels like one big family. The Swinomish Tribe is centered around community, and those same values are shared at this company.

As interns at Swinomish Casino & Lodge, we have been surrounded by supportive coworkers, gifted the ability to work with amazing equipment, and the opportunity to develop our skills in marketing, as well as employees. This internship provides valuable experience working hands-on in the marketing department for a company that cares deeply for their employees and their professional growth. Many of the full-time team members were once interns themselves and have been promoted from within. This internship provides the opportunity to grow within the company as you learn.

We have been able to take hypothetical tactics and tools from our college courses and apply them to real-life scenarios that will benefit the company. This hands-on experience has proven to be far more educational and fulfilling than simply hearing about marketing within a lecture hall. This internship is a wonderful stepping-stone, from college to our careers. It has taught us how to work both independently and as a team. Thank you Swinomish Casino & Lodge!