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Team Member Anniversaries: Meet Lena Beamer

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We sat down with Lena to discover more about her and her time working here at Swinomish Casino and Lodge. Lena is an absolute pleasure to be around with her outgoing and kind personality. It’s no wonder why she’s been a great asset to our team as a Casino Host. Her hard work and determination, as well as her passion for sharing information about the wonderful place she works at has lead her to a new position as Field Marketing Coordinator. Lena is extremely excited and thankful for this new opportunity that she welcomes with open arms. You’ll find her this summer working our pop-up events in Skagit Valley and perhaps beyond! Get to know more about Lena below!


1. What is your position at Swinomish Casino and Lodge?

Lena: I used to work as a Casino Host but I’m in the process of transitioning to the role of Field Marketing Coordinator.

2. How long have you worked at the Casino?

Lena: I’ve worked here for 4 years.

3. What do you appreciate most about working at the Casino?

Lena: I appreciate the opportunity for growth within the company, where you can move to different positions and you can move up positions. I also appreciate personal growth, learning so much about different departments and other positions.

4. What are you thankful for in your position at the Casino?

Lena: I really enjoy getting to meet the guests, it feels like they are family within my department because we get to talk to frequent guests. We get to know not just the guests, but their family’s on a personal basis, because of how often we get to interact with them. I am looking forward to making more new connections within the community and with guests. It will be really exciting to meet someone in the field and then be able to see them on the casino floor.

5. Will you make a career out of working at the Casino? What’s your next step?

Lena: I think so, it was my first job and I really enjoy working here. The casino is a different world, and it’s been really fun to watch the casino grow throughout the years. There is a lot of opportunity here. I am really excited to move into my new position, Field Marketing Coordinator. It is important to share the passion I have for the Casino with the community and show them how great it is at Swinomish Casino and Lodge.