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The Next Big Thing in Golf is Here!

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Golf is often described as the unbeatable game, and those who’ve ever tried it know it more than lives up to that name. To the rest of society, it’s just really boring to watch on TV … Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, we’re here to break the news to you that golf is now conquerable, and doing so is anything but boring! We aren’t saying that we can automatically make you a good golfer, or that golf on TV will get any more exciting, but we guarantee that GolfBoards are a fun and exciting way to get around the course, and that you’ll feel like you’re conquering the game of golf whether you shoot 72 or 102, or even 120!

So what is a GolfBoard? It’s a motorized skateboard outfitted with off-road tires, suspension, handlebars, and, of course, a rack for your golf clubs! With speeds ranging between 5 to 10 miles an hour, GolfBoards allow riders to engage with golf in new and exciting ways. You could walk, or you could ride in a traditional cart, but it’s so much more fun to feel the rise and fall of every hill as you gracefully weave your way across the fairway, effortlessly controlling your GolfBoard with your body. Position your legs in opposite corners of the board (top right and bottom left, or top left and bottom right), gently push down on the handlebar mounted throttle with your thumb, and lean back and forth to steer the GolfBoard as you glide across the course. There is a small learning curve, but it’s a very easy machine to adjust to, and most riders we’ve talked to so far have gotten comfortable in no time at all!

That’s not all the GolfBoard brings to the table either. In extensive time trials (yes, they performed legitimate time trials on these), GolfBoard was found to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to play an 18-hole round. Traditionally, the average round of golf takes about four hours, but on a GolfBoard the average round took only two and a half hours! This makes it possible to play 36 holes of golf, two complete rounds, in about five hours (that’s one more hour than it takes most people to only play 18 holes).

GolfBoards are also environmentally friendly. It’s powered by the same type of lithium ion batteries found in luxury hybrid automobiles, which means no loud noise, no harmful emissions, and no smelling gasoline for your entire round! The vehicle is also lighter than a traditional golf cart, and its tires are specially designed to be smaller and less impactful on the course as you ride. This means less wear and tear on the course, which ultimately means better quality and lower cost golfing for you. That’s what we call a win-win! Or should it be a swin-swin? We’ll have to think about that one …

Because GolfBoard is such a new way to get around the golf course, we do want to make sure GolfBoards are enjoyed safely. Before users are allowed to ride, they must go through a quick lesson on how to use the GolfBoard, as well as sign a waiver. In order to shorten the delay from this process so that you can get out and enjoy the course and the GolfBoard as quickly as possible, we highly recommend taking care of the waiver form before you arrive at the course. The link for the waiver can be found here: http://www.swinomishcasinoandlodge.com/golf/the-course

To learn more about GolfBoards, check out the GolfBoard website: http://www.golfboard.com/#intro or Youtube to see how other riders have enjoyed their experience on Golfboards (including an interview with GolfBoard’s 83-year-old creator)!