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Tis the Season at 13moons

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Searching for the perfect holiday, birthday or anniversary gift? In a continuous effort to increase convenience for guests, we’re excited to announce that Swinomish Casino & Lodge gift certificates are now available for purchase at 13moons. Ask your server for more information during your visit.

Treat a friend, treat yourself

For a limited time only, for every $50 Swinomish Casino & Lodge gift certificate purchased, you’ll receive an extra $10 certificate to 13moons as a thank-you gift. Use it as a gift or to treat yourself during your visit to 13moons in January!

Offer available until 12/31/2015. Promotional certificate is valid from 1/1/2016-1/31/2016. Must be a Player’s Club member to use certificate. Membership is free!

Bring on the beets

Try 13moons’ newest entree, the Roasted Beet Salad. It’s a tantalizing mix of dried cranberries, aged buttermilk blue cheese crumbles, baby arugula, quinoa and candied pecans, all drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.

The chow down: quinoa

In Bolivia, a global leader in quinoa production, families traditionally ate quinoa three times a day. It’s no surprise why — quinoa is a nutrition-packed super grain.

Quinoa is a protein powerhouse that’s also packed with antioxidants, heart-healthy fats and potassium. It’s gluten free, making it a healthy option for people with gluten intolerance. Not only that, quinoa packs fewer carbohydrates than white rice but has twice as much protein and five times more fiber per serving.

Although quinoa is a pseudograin and not a true whole grain, it often gets called a whole grain. That’s because quinoa shares similar nutritional traits as whole grains and is often prepared similarly.

Today, Peru is a top quinoa exporter, where more than 80 percent of the population eats it on a regular basis. Peru quinoa exports was at $83 million in 2013 and expected to double by this year, according to a 2014 report by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.  The U.S. is expected to import more than 50 percent of Peru’s quinoa this year.

With quinoa’s continuously growing popularity in the U.S., prepare to see it on your plate. For a quick list of quinoa recipes, visit Allrecipes.com.


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Embrace the rain with a tasty treat at 13moons. Sip on a seasonal beverage and experience winter with our seasonal dessert delicacies!


Crème brulee first appeared in renowned chef François Massialot’s cookbook in 1961. Taste our take on this classic dish — chai-infused custard combined with the soothing taste of vanilla bean. It’s topped with a crisp, caramelized layer, you’ll be sure to taste winter in this new dish.