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Veteran Team Members

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With Swinomish Casino & Lodge employing more than 500 team members, we can proudly say that many of those team members are veterans, having spent time serving in the Armed Forces. Today, we honor all those who served our country far and wide. We wanted to take a minute to honor a few of our veteran team members.

Served: 1990-2010 in the Navy
Stationed: Washington, Hawaii, California, Maryland

Served: 1979-1999 in the Navy
Position: Corpsmen specializing in aerospace medicine
Stationed: Washington, Puerto Rico, Japan, England

Served: 1978-2002 in the United States Marine Core
Position: First Sergeant
Stationed: California, Japan, Virginia

Served: 2007-2015 in the Army
Stationed: Charlie Company 1-61

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re hosting our Veterans Day Weekend through today, November 11. Veterans can stop by to receive Promo Play and a Dining Offer! Visit our events calendar for more details.