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What Could You Do with $50,000?

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Every Thursday in April, one lucky guest will be chosen each hour from 5pm to 10pm to participate in our Spin ‘til You Win game show. Contestants will spin the large wheel three times, the amounts combined will be the total cash won. Spin three amounts that add up to exactly $1000 and win the $50,000 grand prize!

If you are having problems thinking of what you could spend that cash on, we put together a short list of what you could buy with $50,000!

First on the list: The World’s Most Detailed Globe at $13,000.00

Super interested in geography?  Now you can buy this globe to navigate yourself through the world and use the rest of that $50,000 to travel!

Second on the list: Sterling Silver Coffee Can at $1,500.00

Looking for rustic home decoration items but at a high quality and high end price? With the price at $1,500, you could buy tons of these cans with $50,000 to fill up your home or office with elegance!

No that you’ve traveled and have exquisite home decor, continue living life in luxary with this next item.

Third on the list: Theodent 300 Toothpaste at $99.99

Fill up those sterling coffee cans in your restroom with luxary toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Maybe your sporty though and are looking for an item that involves competition and quality.

Fourth on the list: Louis Vuitton Ping Pong set at $2,100.00

You could buy all four of these items for only $16,700.00, so what could you buy with the rest of that big win?

Sure, you can still buy a nice car, pay off some bills, or help your child through college with the leftover money…

OR you could buy this item that gives you the luxary of privacy and glamour…

Fifth item: Gucci Velvet Panel Screen at $32,000.00

Who doesn’t want a pink velvet privacy panel in their bedroom?

After all five of these items, you still will have $1,300.00 leftover to play your favorite slots here at the lodge and dine out!

Come into Swinomish Casino & Lodge for your chance to win some BIG money and be able to indugle in fun items.