Bubble Craze

Pop your way to fortune!

  • $0.01 = 1 Credit 
  • Minimum bet is 50 Credits 
  • Maximum bet is 400 Credits
  • Available on the Main Floor and Non Smoking Floor

At the start of each game, colored bubbles are displayed in the 19 positions on the screen.  Bubbles appear in the following colors: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or brown.  Bubble group wins contain four (4) or more bubbles of a matching color appearing in adjacent positons.  The colors may appear with a “2x”, “5x”, “Outward Arrows” or “B” sub-symbols inside of the bubble.  Bubbles containing the “2x”, “5x”, “Outward Arrows” or “B” sub-symbols in side of them substitute for their respective colored bubbles.  Each bubble group containing a “2x” or “5x” multiplier sub-symbol has the award multiplied by the highest multiplier value for the bubble group.  Bubbles containing “Outward Arrows” sub-symbol will transform bubbles in adjacent positions into the color of the bubble containing the symbol.  If the Bonus Crazr Feature is triggered in the same game that contains a transforming bubble, the transformation is completed after the Bonus Craze Feature has been played.  Bubble group wins are evaluated after all transformations are completed.  Bonus Craze Feature – Three (3) “B” sub-symbols appearing in positions 2, 10 and 18 trigger the Bonus Craze feature with (5) free games.  Only one (1) Bonus Craze Feature can be awarded per game.  Free games do not retrigger.  Free games are played automatically on the same game board at the same bet multiplier as the game that triggered the Bonus Craze Feature.  Different bubbles are used in the game board positions during the free game.  During the free games, wins for a bubble group of all 19 positions are doubled.  The Bonus Craze feature ends when zero (0) free games remain.

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