Puppy Stampede

These pups are ready to pay!

  • $0.01 = 1 Credit
  • Minimum bet is 30 Credits
  • Maximum bet is 450 Credits
  • Available on the Main Floor

Features two unique bonuses: Hinge Wilds and Puppy Stampede Multiplier.  Hinge Wilds Multiplier:  Four hinges appear on the reel dividers for each spin.  Any wild symbol that lands next to the hinge will open outward like a door turning the covered symbol wild, which may create a chain reaction of opening hinges.  Puppy Stampede Multiplier:  The Puppy Stampede multiplier is random, creating player anticipation with every wager.  The reels spin with expectation to reveal a stampede of puppies running across the screen, while the theme music plays in the background.  At the end of the stampede, a random multiplier is applied to the award.  If there is no winning combination, the player is still awarded a consolation prize.

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