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Promotional Coin Pusher House Rules

Xtreme Reward® Promotional Coin Pusher Game (XRPCPG) – Treasure Wave® Casino House Rules

General Rules of Promotional Play

1.       XRPCPG is an amusement style promotional game that is completely independent of the Class II game.  XRPCPG is designed for and must be used solely for promotional purposes and cannot be operated independently of Xtreme Rewards (XR).  XRPCPG can only be played with Xtreme Rewards Promotional Prizes (XRPP) Launch Token Credits (LTCs).  LTCs have no cash value.

2.       Xtreme Rewards (XR) is a patented promotional system that awards a player(s) XRPP when a predetermined XR promotional event threshold (Trigger) has been achieved as determined by Casino house rules.  The XR operating system is separate and independent from the Class II operating system.  XRPPs are not funded by the Class II game pay table.

3.       Players enter the XRPCPG promotion through play on a qualified Class II electronic player interface (EPI) or by requesting a free entry from the Casino (see below).

4.       XRPCPG promotion details such as start time, end time, Triggers and XRPP’s are defined by these Casino House Rules.

Treasure Wave XR and XRPCPG Promotion

1.       The Treasure Wave XR and XRPCPG Promotion begins 01/01/2024 6:59 AM and ends 03/01/2024 6:59 AM Pacific.

2.       XR uses the following Triggers for entries to the promotion on monitored Class II game play:

a.       Session Number of Plays Trigger – XR will award the player with each play of a Class II bingo card an entry into the promotion depicted on the Token Award Monitor. The Bonus Token Reel will award the player one of three outcomes:

i.      Nothing.

 ii.      LTC’s with a value of either 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10.

 iii.      Banked Token Credits (BTC’s) with a value of either 5, 10, or 20.

b.       Exact Single Win Trigger – For each Class II bingo game played with a single win of exactly $0.99, XR will award the player a Rapid Fire Bonus depicted on the Token Award Monitor with a randomly selected number between 30 and 150 LTCs.

3.       XRPCPG will award the player a Rapid Fire Bonus depicted on the Token Award Monitor with a randomly selected number between 30 and 150 LTC’s when 500 BTC’s have been accrued. BTC’s have no cash value.

4.       RFID Chip prizes are:

Treasure Wave Promotion Prizes

Casino Chip Prizes Schedule

5.       Free Mail-in Entry – Mail-in entries must indicate the casino name, Swinomish Casino & Lodge where the XRPCPG promotion is being offered, replacing “My Casino” as noted in the following rules:

a.       To receive a free entry for this promotion, mail a 3.5” x 5” index card to “My Casino” XRPCPG Promotion – Free Entry at 6365 Montessouri Street #100, Las Vegas, NV 89113 with the following information PRINTED legibly:

i.      First and last name as it appears on your Players Club Card, Players Club account number, and contact information. If Players Club Cards are not offered by the Casino, use first and last name from any valid government issued photographed identification.

ii.      XRPCPG theme name (e.g. Treasure Wave, Red & White) and bet amount (e.g. $2.50, $5.00) of the preferred XFCP3 cabinet.

b.       Mail-in entry must be received ten (10) calendar days prior to the end of the promotion. Limit one (1) free entry per request, per stamped outed envelope. No mechanically reproduced or photocopied requests accepted.

c.       Swinomish Casino & Lodge assumes no responsibility for lost, late, stolen, illegible, misdirected, mutilated, incomplete or postage-due mail.

d.       No free entry requests will be accepted through e-mail.

e.       A XRPCPG promotion free entry ticket (Promotion Ticket) will be issued to the Mail-In player.  The Mail-In player must insert the Promotion Ticket into a participating XFCP3 EPI’s ticket reader in accordance with Casino house rules. The Promotion Ticket must be activated by XR. Upon successful validation, the player will be entered into the promotion. Any LTC’s won by the player will be awarded and played in accordance with Casino house rules and as stated herein.

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