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A Beautiful Lodge Awaits!

We took the opportunity to spend my birthday night in this amazing resort and were smitten with so many small touches and smiling, friendly staff that words just can’t do it justice. From the open, welcoming lobby of the casino (we’d never stayed here before and didn’t know the lodge entrance is best reached from the back), to the early (hello insomnia!) visit to the casino floor, the entire property was clean and neatly appointed with some beautiful native art and soft colors. We also visited the seafood buffet that was just opening at the time of our arrival. It was overstocked with seafood of all types and a well done prime rib roast that I accepted gratefully from the staffer with the large knife; it couldn’t have been tastier! While room service isn’t available at this resort, the array of food offerings won’t disappoint what with the sheer number of counters within the multiple restaurants, deli and pub.

We didn’t fare well with the slots but the comfortable bed and chairs in our room made up for the slight sting of dropping too many pennies into the local economy. We’ve friends in Anacortes so we were happy to leave some of our monies behind in taxes and tips and we will be back again to eat, gamble and stay. Kudos!!!

Diana A. (via Trip Advisor)