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13 Lunar Phases, and how they guide the Swinomish People

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The Swinomish people, like many Coast Salish, recognize 13 lunar phases in a calendar year. Each phase represents a seasonal change with each being named after the seasonal events that occur during that time. The 13 moons provide information about tidal conditions, game abundance, and types of vegetation important for harvesting, hunting, and gathering during the seasons.

“Our food is inseparable from our natural resources, our seasonal cycles, our way of life, and us as a people.”

Moon of the Windy Time (January/February)
Moon When the Frog Talks (Late February/March)
Moon of the Whistling Robins (April)
Moon of the Digging Time (May)
Moon of the Salmonberry (June)
Moon of the Blackberry (July)
Moon of the Salal Berry (August)
Moon of the Silver Salmon (September)
Moon of the Elk Mating Cry (Late September/Early October)
Moon of the Falling Leaves (October)
Moon of the Dog Salmon (November)
Moon to Put Your Paddles Away (Late November/Late December)
Moon of the Sacred Time (Late December/January)

Named after the lunar calendar, our 13moons restaurant continues local traditions and captures the essence of the Swinomish lunar phase calendar. Menus are prepared to match seasonal ingredients outlined by each moon, allowing for unsurpassed flavors. Our chefs hand-pick fresh local seafood and take full advantage of Skagit Valley’s produce to prepare dishes that are sure to excite any palette.

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