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Bust Brock’s Bank is Back!

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It’s another episode of Bust Brock’s Bank! With Lisa as our host, this week Brock is up against team members Isaac and Christina. Watch to see who wins but first put yourself to the test by trying to answer the trivia our team was challenged with.

Round One

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is underway! This year, the tournament features a team called the Lipscomb Bisons. What US state is home to this team?
What is the closest planet to Earth?
What country has the largest population of camels? Morocco or Australia?
Which US State grows the most Blueberries?

Round Two

What is the current burger of the Month?
What are the PRIDE values?
How many numbers are on a roulette wheel?
Round Three

What is the highest total score you can get by throwing 3 different doubles on your turn in a DART match?
How do you think you did?  Watch below to see if you got any answers right!

Did your trivia knowledge beat our team members?

Here at Swinomish Casino & Lodge we are all about healthy and fun competion, and boy did these team members BRING IT!

Brock did pretty good this time, but couldn’t pull a win against Isaac. Isaac’s math skills brought him to victory at the very end while Christina and Brock fought a fair battle.