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January Survival Tips from Swinomish Casino

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January Survival Tips from Swinomish Casino

In the Pacific Northwest, January is a difficult month. Though the days are getting ever-so-slightly longer with every sunrise, it’s still the heart of winter—which means long nights, cold temperatures…and the end of regulation football season. What’s a Washington resident to do to make it through this particularly difficult month?

Eat foods that flood your brain with happiness

You really are what you eat—and what you eat can help shape how you feel, too! When your body gets low on crucial nutrients, you may start to feel low or lifeless. Luckily, foods like oysters, clams, salmon, and dark chocolate contain B vitamins, fatty acids, and phenylethylamine (PEA), which help you feel healthy and happy. Even more fortunate, you can find these feel-good foods locally-sourced and beautifully prepared right at our own 13moons Restaurant in serene Anacortes, Washington.

Listen (and dance) to upbeat music

Studies have shown that listening to music not only lifts our spirits, but helps our cognitive function and improves the way our brain works. Upbeat, cheerful music can lower your blood pressure, decrease anxiety, and make you feel sharper.

Physical movement is also a great way to boost your endorphins—just 30 minutes of dancing to the Wingmen, the Tony Bridges Band, or any of Swinomish’s Main Stage acts could help you break a sweat and create those happy hormones.

Play games

Many adults simply don’t make time for play—and they’re robbing themselves of potential good feelings by doing so. Even just sitting down with a puzzle (or a round of blackjack!) has been shown to help grown-ups create social bonds with others, and relax their own minds.

Playing can also help you sort out complex problems; if you’ve ever had a “shower thought” (where, when your mind was idle, you suddenly understood the answer to something that’s been vexing you for some time), you know that simply allowing your mind to focus on a non-work-related task, like a slot game, can actually help you be more creative in your thinking.

Make time to relax

Above all else, it’s important to remember that just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take a bit of time for yourself. Whether it’s a weekend staycation or simply a nice meal with a good friend or spouse, prioritizing relaxation and time away from the grind can help improve your mood throughout the deepest, darkest days of winter.

However you choose to treat your winter blues, Swinomish’s beautiful accommodations, eclectic events calendar, true Pacific Northwest cuisine, and exciting game playing specials can help get you through January, February, and beyond.