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Meet Our Chefs

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Are you curious about the chefs behind the cuisine when you come to visit us? Our culinary team is made up of passionate and experienced individuals, each with a different style and skillset. Allow us to introduce our talented head chefs who bring Swinomish Casino & Lodge’s dining outlets to delicious life!


Daniel Van Norman – 13moons Chef de Cuisine


Chef de Cuisine is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has been working for the Swinomish tribe since 2005. Van Norman is well known by the local tribal fisherman and an avid angler himself. Over the years, he has gained invaluable knowledge of how to identify the freshest seafood varieties, the availability, and the best methods of preparation. Based on seasonal availability, he is an expert when it comes to finding the freshest local ingredients and is very familiar with native indigenous ingredients. Van Norman learned some of the latest trends in culinary world in Vancouver, Canada. Assisting several executive chefs, he acquired the knowledge and skills to create vibrant, yet elegant flavors with a contemporary presentation.

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Ben Miles – Carver’s Café Room Chef


Chef Ben Miles credits Anthony Bourdain for his love of cooking. After reading Bourdain’s book, Kitchen Confidential, he was inspired to get in the kitchen himself. Ben attended Paragon Culinary School in Colorado and went on to win several awards. In addition to creating delicious cuisine, Ben shared his knowledge and love of food with the next generation as he worked with the Griffith Centers for Children to create a mentoring program helping at-risk teenagers learn to cook. Additionally, he has completed numerous international culinary tours in places such as Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, London, and Costa Rica. Since 2017, Ben has brought over 20 years of knowledge and skills acquired around the world to Swinomish Casino & Lodge.

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Nate Thorsvik – Swinomish Sports Bar & Grill Room Chef


Chef Nate Thorsvik’s love of cooking blossomed at an early age, when he began cooking in restaurants at just 14 years old. Today, Nate has been with the Swinomish Casino & Lodge team since 2013 and brings over 16 years of experience to our kitchens. After working in nearly every single one of our dining outlets, he is well-versed and shares his talents in all areas of cooking. Nate is enthusiastic about learning as much as possible from each cuisine he prepares and carries that knowledge through to every meal thereafter. While he does not have a favorite dish to prepare, he instead likes to wait and see where the day takes him with his cooking.

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