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Monkeys Around the World

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Year of the Monkey signifies an excellent year for love, marriage and a prosperous career. Looking for ways to get lucky? Chen Shuaifu, a feng shui master, told NBC News to eat lots of red apples and store them at home since monkeys like fruit and the color red brings fortune.

Read below to learn about some famous monkeys from around the world.

Monkey astronauts

Yorick was the first monkey to survive a space flight — following a few unfortunate monkey-manned missions that ended in fatalities. Taking off from Holloman Air Force Base in 1951 for a missile flight, Yorick traveled to an altitude of 49.69 miles and safely returned home.

Monkeys making a living

Yatchan and Fukuchan are two macaque monkeys who work hard to make some green — soya beans that is. You can find them waiting tables and serving hot towels at a small restaurant in Japan. Check out BBC News to see them in action.

Monkey see monkey do

Imo was an innovative female monkey who discovered a time-saving eating technique. She discovered that inedible sand and edible wheat grains could easily be separated by dropping a handful of both in water — the grains floated on top while the sand sank. Other monkeys in the group quickly picked up her time-saving technique and began copying her.

Monkey spa

In other parts of Japan, leisurely macaque monkeys relax as they soak in natural hot springs and groom each other. Click here (“Snow Monkey Hot Tub”) to see monkeys bathing in Japan.

Jack the Pirate

Among the starring cast of Oscar-nominated Pirates of the Caribbean is Jack the Monkey. Various capuchin monkeys, named Tara, Levi, Boo Boo and Mercedes, took turns playing Jack’s role. Jack wasn’t just a ferocious furry pirate in the movie, one of his actors bit a makeup artist on the ear during filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Read Buzzfeed’s article titled “5 Monkey Actors We All Know But Can’t Name” to learn more about Jack and other famous monkey actors.


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