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Winter Challenge goes viral at Swinomish Casino & Lodge

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2014 Winter Challenge

The Winter Challenge originated with 19 year old Kura Jack, a Pelelakut woman from Chemainus, BC. Watch the story HERE. The challenge is all in the spirit of having fun, bringing family, friends, and entire communities together.

How does it work? First, find someone to film you. Start by stating who nominated you then nominate a few people to carry on the challenge. Complete the challenge then remind your nominees they have 24 hours to complete their challenge. Share your Winter Challenge video on Facebook and/or YouTube and tag the people you nominated in your post.

The original online challenge was to create a snow angel wearing only a bathing suit. The Winter Challenge has evolved into jumping into ice cold water for those without snow. People living in warmer climates have gotten creative by pouring ice cold water over their heads or taking ice baths. The Winter Challenge has snowballed into a viral sensation bringing people together, building community, having fun, and enjoying a healthy way to get outside during the cold winter months.

It didn’t take long for the Winter Challenge to spread to the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. While it’s hard to determine precisely the line of nominations and challengers that brought the Winter Challenge to Swinomish, it has gone viral and continues to spread rapidly. Many of the Swinomish Casino & Lodge team have been challenged by family, friends, and co-workers alike. Below you will find videos from our YouTube channel as well as various facebook pages.

Jay Ellenberger challenged the management team at Yakama Nation Legends Casino. They answered the challenge with 26 members of Yakama Nation and casino employees jumping into a cold river. Yakama Nation Legends Casino then nominated Clearwater Casino Resort to answer their challenge.

Watching the Winter Challenge spread into pop culture has been a true demonstration of the power of social media.